North America (MNN) — When you go to work each day, what are you working for? Too often, believers define their worship on Sunday as sacred, but their work on Monday as secular.

Global Disciples is challenging Christians across North America to stop separating the sacred and the secular and to go into our workplaces each day with a missional mindset. That’s why tomorrow, September 19th, is their 1Day giving campaign and Jerry Meadows with Global Disciples says you’re invited to join the movement!


Meadows explains, “We’re asking all of us to do that September 19th, to go to work that day specifically with the unreached in mind and even to give one day’s salary or one day’s income to reach the unreached people in the world.”

There are approximately 260 work days per year. The 1Day campaign with Global Disciples is a new way to frame how we think about missions giving — challenging us to go into our workplaces and for one day think, “I’m working for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom, and whatever I make today is going to support missions outreach to the unreached.”

Global Disciples empowers the Church in 46 countries to be disciple-makers and reach the unreached with the Gospel with discipleship-mission training, small business training, and leadership training. Many of the believers they work with are near populations of unreached people where they can have a ministry.

“Point-three-percent of missions giving in North America goes to reach the unreached. Think about that. I think in this one day, this effort, this 1Day campaign, I think we can change that statistic.”

Gopa’s Story

Global Disciples has hundreds of stories of how God is moving through evangelism ministry and disciple-maker training at their website. Meadows shares one story of a man in South Asia named Gopa.

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples via Facebook)

“Gopa went through the disciple training at his church and then the small business training. With a small grant from Global Disciples he started a grocery store, but soon had this reputation not just of having good prices, but of praying for the sick. Because Gopa and his wife had this compassion for their customers and because of God’s power to heal, he was able to lead over 200 people to Jesus Christ!

“One day, a young man walks into his store and said he was from a nearby village but it took him hours to walk there. He said, ‘I didn’t come to buy anything. I came because I heard you would pray for me.’ So Gopa prays for this young man and then says, ‘You shouldn’t walk back alone.’

“So Gopa walks back with this young man who was healed of this physical injury to his village, and all his friends and family gather around and ask, ‘How is this that you were healed?’ Gopa has the opportunity to share with them the power of Jesus Christ and the Gospel, and eight of them received Christ that day.”

Get Involved With 1Day!

The idea of working for the sacred and the advance of the Gospel in everything we do doesn’t mean everyone must be a pastor. But it’s about honoring God with our work, which advances to our Christian witness with others, and even taking a portion of what we earn to give it back to God in worship and for the advance of His Kingdom.

“So for us to show up at work with the mentality that we represent Jesus Christ there, that should be every day. And we’re taking this one day, 1Day campaign, to highlight what we can do every day of the year.”

Click here to learn more about 1Day with Global Disciples and to get involved!

Meadows adds, “Then what we’d love for people to do is to multiply it. Share it on Facebook, share it with some friends, perhaps even take it back to your church leaders and think about involvement for next year!”

Prayer Support

There is still a lot of work to be done so that every person has the opportunity to hear the Gospel and decide if they want to follow Christ. There are around 500 people groups around the world still with no Christian presence, and 90 percent of unreached people live in an area that is resistant to the Gospel.

“Let’s pray that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers. Let’s pray for the Church in restricted areas as they live courageously their faith day after day, and let’s stand in solidarity with them — not just this one day, but every day — until that day where we can say every person on the planet has had the opportunity to choose and follow Jesus Christ.”

Click here to watch a video about the 1Day campaign with Global Disciples!

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