Egypt (MNN) – Recently Rex Rogers with SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), was in Cairo, Egypt. While there, Rogers connected with local Christians and churches, both ancient and contemporary.

Home to Millions

Egypt is home to more Christians, per capita, then any other nation in the MENA region. That said, the country is also rather populated with 80 million people calling it home.

(Screen capture courtesy SAT-7/FB)

“Egypt, because it is one of the largest (in population) countries in the Middle East and North Africa, is politically powerful, [and it] is therefore a target, if I can use that word, for extremists,” Rogers shares.

In fact, Egypt has experienced extremist attacks on both churches and mosques. These attacks are largely concentrated in the Sinai Peninsula and their borders with the Mediterranean Sea. For example, a little over a week ago a mosque was attacked in this very region.

Strength in Face of Danger

However, despite the potential danger, the Church in Egypt remains strong.

“Their faith, as Christians, that not only is God in charge in protecting them, but enabling them to do more in their nation under the current government that seems to be somewhat friendlier toward Christians and churches,” Rogers explains.

“[The government] at least has made efforts to fairness in law and prosecution of those who have done wrong to hurt Christians or churches. So, that’s encouraging. And it’s encouraging to see again a very vibrant society that is searching for and open to spiritual truths and certainly we took that away from our visit to Cairo.”

Pray for Egyptians

Egyptians, in general, are against extremism just as much as any Westerner, Rogers says. They want stability and safety for their families. They want their economy to grow and to be able to live their lives without fear. And while the Egyptian Church seems to be doing well under Egypt’s current government, they could still use prayer.

(Coverage map courtesy of SAT-7)

“Pray for the various governments of the Middle East and North Africa, that they would exercise a concern for human rights for all people,” Rogers asks. “That they would be open to freedom and democratic society, if you will, an opportunity for input and respect for the law in each and every minority.”

Pray also for the liberty for people to worship and for the freedom of religion for all people.

And pray for all human life to be valued in Egypt and the MENA region. Finally, pray for SAT-7’s work in the Egypt through broadcast TV. Ask God to open hearts to the Gospel and for the Gospel the transform Egyptians’ lives.

Come alongside churches in Egypt with SAT-7 here!

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