International (MNN) — The International Day For The Unreached (IDU) movement believes missions takes effort, passion, and a devotion to the Great Commission.

That’s what makes Project Manager Mark Kordic a great fit for the team.

Kordic came to the Lord in 1979 after being influenced by Christian musicians like Rich Mullins and Keith Green. “I remember hearing Keith Green say, ‘This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of souls that are on the earth,’ and I thought, ‘What in the world can I do?’” Kodric said.

So, as an 18-year-old business student at a university, Kodric began looking for missions opportunities and digging into the Bible. His searching led him to a church in Ohio where he served as a missions pastor for 11 years.

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“I knew there were dozens of countries that were almost 0% Christian, and here we are 2,000 years after Jesus; what have we done as the body of Christ to reach them?” Kodric said.

Sending church and community members out into ministry was satisfying for Kodric. In particular he remembers sending a group of believers into Northern Iraq to reach the local Kurdish population.

“I decided to orient the rest of my life to using my professional skills and the relationships that I had to reach the unreached,” Kodric said. For him, that meant getting involved in the Bible translation movement where 70% of the projects he was involved in were for groups that had never had scripture translated into their native tongue.

Two years ago when the IDU movement began, Kodric was immediately intrigued.

“Not only in my professional role do I want people to get involved, but I want church leaders like I was and those that were Christian leaders in business to use their businesses to reach the unreached,” he said. IDU was a perfect match for that.

According to Kodric, the IDU isn’t just about one day; it’s a constant movement towards a missions mentality.

For example, the team behind the movement has been in regular contact with the International House of Prayer, an organization that uses 24-hour prayer cycles to bring believers together in prayer.

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“When we give specific prayer requests, thousands of individuals that are involved in the Prayer House movement are sensitized towards the needs of the unreached,” Kodric said.

And IDU supporters can already see the benefit and power of prayer.

“One of my clients as a consultant reaches 30 countries that all speak Spanish, and in those countries there are several tribes that are unreached,” Kodric said. IDU reached out, and now churches in Texas and California are adopting missionaries from this organization. They’re using IDU resources to pray and focus on unity within the church, and it’s already making a difference.

So far, the church has heard many success stories about new translations, relationships, and spiritual shifts. “We got the churches excited,” Kodric said.

Want to be part of the IDU movement? There are resources and opportunities available right here.

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