Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room?

Last year, I attended a conference and was so excited about the new friendships I knew I would make. I circled the tables looking for my name. But the longer I looked without finding it, the more out of place I felt.

When I finally found my assigned table, I took my seat and waited for my tablemates. I waited and waited.

As the prayer for the meal concluded, and no one else was there, I realized I’d be seated alone. Very alone.

In my head, I started to have a little pity party conversation. And that’s when God whispered, “You aren’t set aside, Lysa. You are set apart.”

God was letting me know that what felt like rejection was actually part of His preparation. Had I been surrounded by the voices of those people I was so eager to meet, I would have missed the gift of His voice.

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