Pakistan (MNN) – We’ve been following the blasphemy case of Ahmed, a strategically placed and influential co-laborer for the Gospel of Jesus Christ inside Pakistan. Recently, there were some developments in his case.

New Developments

FMI’s Bruce Allen shares, “I just spent a week with our brother, Ahmed, from Pakistan in a secure location. I’m glad to report that he is doing well. There are some developments in his case that not all of them are happy, we’ll say. But, that is the nature of Pakistani politics and judiciary.”


(Photo Courtesy of FMI)

Throughout Ahmed’s case, the judge has been fair in the trial. Ahmed’s accusers have failed to bring forth sufficient evidence to prove blasphemy, and the judge has been aware the accusations hurled at Ahmed’s are indeed baseless.

However, Ahmed’s accusers have seen this behavior not as fair, but as favorable in the defendant’s case.

More than once Ahmed’s accusers have threatened the judge’s life and even Ahmed’s defense attorney’s life. Unfortunately, situations like this are not uncommon in Pakistan’s court system, and sometimes threats such as these are followed through.

Furthermore, Ahmed’s accusers have been pushing to have the case moved away from this judge for some time now. And between the recent protests and instability in Pakistan, coupled with the threats made on his life, the judge hearing Ahmed’s trial has withdrawn himself from the case.

Same Case, New Judge

One of the potential problems here is the hearings in Pakistan can serve as the trial, meaning, a judge can declare a verdict at any point. Already Ahmed has had at five hearings and Ahmed’s defense attorney has expressed concern over this new judge, as his reputation in the court is not good. And with everything happening in Pakistan outside of the courtroom, most judges would be hesitant to dismiss this type of case for fear of retaliation from the public.

“The blasphemy laws have really [been] mobilizing protestors in Pakistan and they want to keep them,” Allen explains. “They think that it is so necessary to purge themselves of any offense, [even a] perceived offense against Mohammad or the Koran or Islam. And the judge is watching that.”


Mosque Lahore in Pakistan. (Photo Courtesy of FMI)

While the protests, which had a radical element to them, took place for three weeks in November, the Pakistani government was essentially paralyzed. With the crowds having this much power, it’s unlikely a judge will want to make a decision which could further inflame the fire.

“As Peter and John and the early Christians would cry out to the Lord, in the early days of the Church in light of persecution that they’ve faced, we repeat those prayers of ‘why do the nations rage, do they not understand that God is in charge? And Lord, give your servants boldness to continue to speak your name.’”

How to Help

Ahmed is currently assessing other options, such as asylum in a foreign country. Still, he remains in good spirits and continues to trust God in this case.

However, will you pray? Pray for Ahmed’s family’s safety and for the finances needed to pay his legal fees. Ask for God for his acquittal and for Him to be glorified through the process. Also, pray for the leaders in Pakistan and the judge hearing Ahmed’s case as well as for Pakistan’s stability, its leaders, and for its people to come to know Christ.

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